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A musical dream in a country on the verge of collapse 

Children of Las Brisas is a story of resistance, resilience and perseverance that explores the power of discipline and classical music as tools for survival.  The documentary follows three Venezuelan children from the impoverished Las Brisas neighborhood, in their quest to become professional musicians within the ranks of “El Sistema” music program. 


Throughout a decade, Edixon, Dissandra and Wuilly try to achieve a better future as they face the great challenges of the country’s dire situation.  The Venezuelan crisis makes it impossible for them to accomplish their dreams and in their struggle, they represent a society taken over by an autocratic regime.

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"When I first saw the violin, I knew right away it was my instrument"

Dissandra was raised by her mother and grandmother, they lived in a dangerous area of the Las Brisas neighborhood, where rival gangs clash violently on a daily basis. To help her get over the loss of two little sisters, her grandmother enrolled her in music school at the age of nine, where she began to study violin. 

Meet Dissandra

Meet Dissandra

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"I imagine myself conducting an orchestra, like Dudamel"

Edixon lost his father when he was 18 months old. He was raised by his deaf mother and his grandmother, who took him to music school years later to keep him away from street violence.  Soon Edixon was dreaming of being like Gustavo Dudamel and of his mother regaining her hearing so she could hear him play.