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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News Recently, Fujian Public Security Frontier Corps Dongpu border police seized 1 from counterfeit registered trademark case, and seized counterfeit "Nike" trademark sports shoes 22,898 pairs, worth up to 11 million Yuan. After that day, which was informed in Shishi City, Hong Wu fort Hongshan Town, freight warehouse on the second floor there are a number of buildings picking counterfeit trademark sneakers, the immediate assignment police to detect and quickly find out that specific location Batch fake shoe store, the random combination of the actual situation to carry out investigation and evidence gathering. 17 am that day, that the police identify Cheap air jordan 12 ovo the timing, the internal warehouse raided by law, on the spot and seized counterfeit "Nike" trademark sports shoes 22,898 pairs. Currently, the case is under further investigation. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network & nbsp; more prestige camouflage shoes.) : , although affected by the financial crisis, but Lining, Anta, XTEP issued an ordering meeting data show that next year, orders will grow by 30%, and the price increased by 10%. the possibility behind the crisis may be a greater opportunity. some shoe-making enterprises mainly in export-oriented processing because of the financia Cheap air jordans for sale l crisis, "starvation" in trouble, recently, Lining, Anta, XTEP, the domestic shoe giant has good news -- Chinese brand because of its own brand, but not without the impact of the financial tsunami but next year, a bright future. In Lining, for example, orders for the new season have risen by more than 30% next year. in this regard, industry experts said: compared to international brands, domestic brands of products, prices are more affordable, and the quality is not inferior to the former, due to the impact of the financial tsunami on the small daily consumer goods limited, so that domestic brands may seize more market share, especially the two or three line of the market. OEM, fall, stand up, stand up Retro jordans for sale , the same is true. Affected by the financial tsunami, some domestic shoes enterprises, including Dongguan and Jinjiang, have set off "closures", because these enterprises are almost all OEM's way of life. According to media reports, in Dongguan alone there are hundreds of shoe factories received less than the foreign orders, cash flow, capital chain rupture and declared closed, the shoe is a common feature of "processing trade processing" industry. not only that, just shortly after the end of the eighth session of the Dongguan International Exhibition of shoes China - Shoetec, Dongguan local shoe enterprises only, confirms the OEM production mode of embarrassment. in this regard, Adsale Exhibiti Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping on Company Chairman Zhu Yulun said: "the Dongguan local exhibitors is not much, they have a great relationship with the OEM mode of production, it is also one of the reasons is the plight of the footwear industry in Dongguan. Companies that do not have the ability to design themselves often feel more pressure in the financial crisis and lose the market." in fact, there have been industry experts said that although the export market is still inseparable from the Chinese shoe enterprises, but enterprises can not blindly adhere to the past OEM OEM old style of operation. To achieve long-term operating efficiency, enterprises need qualitative change. compared with the fate of OEM, those who hold their own i Retro jordans for sale ntellectual property rights, including Lining, Anta and other domestic brands, have been favored by the market - cash flow is relatively smooth. Take Anta as an example, the company is currently in the hands.)At the NBA international cheerleading popular game, now also in the run-up to the Olympic Games at the climax. the first sponsor of the national high-end about the sponsorship move, Fujian dragon Garment Co., Ltd. chairman Cai Zhuolong told reporters, sponsored the event quite unexpected. it is understood that the first tournament selection in various provinces and cities nationwide, from the beginning of last year, from mid July 2007 start enrollment in 23 areas of the country, after the contes cheap jordans for sale mens t, FuHuoSai, finalists match layers of selection, the final 260 cheerleading from the more than 10000 contestants won the Olympic Games in Beijing talent shows itself. The Paralympic Games and the games of chance cheerleading performance, for China refueling, cheer for the players! This can be said to be the most exciting selection event outside the Beijing Olympic Games, and this is the finals of the selection. "when I heard the general introduction of this event, I felt it was a rare opportunity."." Cai Zhuolong said that although the company has never sponsored such a high level of activity before. OEM enterprise bold move the traditional view, the traditional OEM business is not need publicity, whether prod cheap jordans online ucts or the enterprise itself, because of the simple processing of orders or to the people to do OEM, largely to do the wedding dress for others". Under such circumstances, the publicity of OEM enterprises is very "worthless". Moreover, the export profits are declining today. How many enterprises are willing to invest these wrong money to advertise? however, the dragon company has always been the maverick. industry carefully may have been found, from the beginning of last year, in September 8, print ads for "global procurement underwear first station -- dragon underwear industry base" as the theme of the plane began to appear in the local media, but also appeared in such advertisements in the dragon company sever cheap jordans for sale al key outdoor billboards. There is also a phenomenon is that the dragon company on the ground floor of Quanzhou's major high-end star hotel, with "city card" put in the way, will be their own enterprises announcedBeijing time on April 24th morning, the Pacers lost 102 to 106 knights, the game after the Pacers can not be avoided, with a large 0-4 by the defending champion Knight swept. has been swept away, but the Pacers did well in the playoffs, with a lot of people expecting the Pacers to lose just 16 points after four games. Cavaliers, James scored 32.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 9 assists, averaging 3 steals and 2 blocks. At the same time, the shooting rate was 54.3%, and the three point shot was 45%. And in th cheap foamposites e past 5 years in the playoffs, James's team will be swept out, James's first round playoff streak came to 21, beyond the "Cooper magic" Johnson, James worthy and Michael. Knight will play in the next round of the winners and the Bucks toronto. Kaili - Erwin: Kyrie 3 PE Paul - George: PG1 PE Tristan - Thompson: Nike, Soldier, X, PE Lebron - James: Lebron, XIV, PE Geoff: Kobe Elite Low Mambacurial 11 Teague APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Speaking of the MJ baseball career, in addition to the effectiveness of the Chicago White Sox under Baron cheap jordan shoes for men Bermingham team, MJ is still the 94 fall on behalf of Scott DELL (Scottsdale Scorpions) scorpion team participated in the Arizona fall league. This Air Jordan 9 "Baseball Glove" Brown is to commemorate his career in the scorpions. vamp covered by brown leather texture, laces with leather material composition, collocation of white midsole and outsole shoes, luxury temperament revealed beyond doubt, followed by Jumpman Logo with White Embroidery embellishment, "35" is the number of MJ was in the scorpion Jersey number. no information on the sale of the shoes. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!is like the Central Park in New York, and the sidewalk in Tokyo's imperial residence is a holy place for runners. Before came to Tokyo, he often heard the name of the emperor in the Runners. On Sunday morning, you will come to experience the reasons for this route. 1. convenient transportation: the emperor is located in the center of the city, can be from four to seven subway stations around the subway station. 2. runner facilities: do not have to worry about the vending machine can not be found in the toilet. There are also a lot of Private S' Station 'Runner to provide shower facilities and locker room. Even the bathhouse people fatigue after running away. 3.: safety first imperial guards were stationed beside naturally have many, so even can run at night. 4.: around the Imperial ranks a week about 5 km, throughout the entire length of the route no traffic lights, no flash cars, greeted is spectacular moat, walls, gates, green trees, well, of course, there are high-rise buildings across the street. Interesting is, on the ground every 100 meters have to Japan counties the county flower theme of the mileage markers, finish a lap also feel like around a week in Japan. 5. with other runners exchange: in the Imperial ranks around can see all kinds of runners, riding a bike coach follow alongside professional runners, in sorching summer does not forget sunscreen, hats, cuff, sweatpants heavily armed women runners. In addition, after work seems to run a step another cup has become an activity of workers. With the increase of Pointe runner, the runner's etiquette is also of concern. Home of the emperor Chiyoda Tourism Association ordered the ten special code of conduct. If you have the opportunity to join Huang Ju runners ranks, just remember: this section of the route is not running special, for pedestrians to think, understand each other hello. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. Source: sports notes

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