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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on Friday, the French Football Federation held a news conference to announce the starting in 2011, Nike will replace Adidas, the French national team's shirt sponsor, the contract will be continued until after the 2018 World Cup The total amount of 320 million euros, which also created a new record in international football, the French t Retro jordans for sale eam has become the world's various national teams "first rich." From January 1, 2011, the Gallic rooster average from Nike to give 42.66 million euros per year, according to the French team performance in international competitions, and Nike will also provide an additional amount of money bonus This compared to Adidas's current annual 10 million euros +200 mi Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping llion euros (bonus) sponsorship contract significantly overweight. Currently the highest national sponsorship contract amount is England, they get about 30 million euros per year from Umbro place, but because the England team from the European Cup exit, some additional provisions will be activated, so in fact England can not get this number , while Nike's spons cheap jordan shoes for men orship amount is currently the highest in Brazil, but also 13 million euros a year, so the French team to sign a new contract price is undoubtedly the world's first football. According to the French Football Association ?????????? introduction, the total Nike, Adidas and French native Airness competitive bidding, Adidas since 1972 began to sponsor the French cheap jordans for sale mens national team and, therefore, increased investment, The total bid of about 200 million to 250 million euros or so, but this time Nike is now more under the original capital, bid more than 300 million of the French Football Federation only opened inside a collective meeting to determine the replacement sponsors. In a statement the French Football Federation publ cheap jordans online ished nearly 40 years of cooperation for Adidas and the French team expressed sincere gratitude, "in (and Adidas) cooperation, the national team in the European Cup and the World Cup and other international competitions have achieved a great success We hope that this long period of cooperation have a good end in 2010. "For the new contract, Escalante Wright als cheap foamposites o very satisfied," I'm sure it will be a success, whether it is the French team or the whole of France the development of football, will benefit from " But Adidas executives Gaya said:." We are very frustrated, but this is the law of the sporting goods market, the high bid wins "Gaya representation Adidas have tried. In his view, even if the French team sponso Cheap air jordans for sale rs have lost eligibility, Adidas will not change position in the French market, "We do not just focus on football." This can beat Adidas and France team signing, Nike has made a great breakthrough in marketing, currently in the world, Nike sporting goods sales share lead, but in the field of European football, the history of the foundation of a solid Adidas s Retro jordans for sale till occupy more market Liucheng share in today's Nike CEO Parker shortly after taking office in 2006, had set the Adidas hit home --- to Europe policy. Nike last year cost 285 million pounds acquisition of Umbro, in fact, has become England's sponsor, Adidas grab now and from France. While Adidas is still the official partner of the World Cup and the European cheap jordans for sale Cup and other major football tournament, but Nike forces in European football have also begun to expand from the club to the national team. Nike manifold France region Duse Qi described the signing as "a good opportunity, will allow Nike to get an excellent opportunity to catch up with Adidas in this brutal war," he said, Currently in the French domestic Adid Cheap air jordan 12 ovo as brand awareness rate of 60%, while only 42 percent of Nike, after the entry into force of the contract, Duse Qi hope this situation can be reversed.if the color of the shoe is the same as that of chocolate, do you have the illusion that you want to try? The latest shoes from Converse, the veteran sports shoe factory, will test you. This is a " Chocolate Suede" Chuck Taylor, according to the classical style of flight, as previously stated, chocolate suede covered the whole body of the shoe, only the silver buckle set can make people suddenly wake up, this is a pair of shoes! Such a playful new model has been sold in finishline, priced at $60, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. A: B 1; A9 E# D) W- D / D% ~& T1 n (R T9 S4 M7 C'O, the all black vamp ornament silver details of the Kobe 9 Elite has been repeatedly exposed, there are rumors that Michael Jackson color, this is before we reported from the current exposure of the picture do not see any direct and Jackson related elements, we will continue to pay attention to. K6 / Z (D {# w& I; P (E2 N7 y: V- F4 Q ]+; X0, m) F& W4]$@ * j" Y4 p; W" Q+ R$((B- I* [ 5 k& U4; L P7 J6 O& U# F X# o (x L6 N5 s. H% Y2. '; Z) Y8 h) - j' B This should beAs the first one this year, it is also the only Air Jordan sneakers that appear on the heels of the Nike Air. Air Jordan 6 "Maroon" will become a heavy sale of the sports shoes at the end of the year in December 5th.

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